VIDEO: Hand Rejuvenation With Amalian SF

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Hand Rejuvenation With Amalian SF


Industry expert Dr. Mark  Baily educates his client on the German made line of of fillers known as Amalian.

In this video Dr. Baily and New You’s Master Injector Nurse Alicia demonstrate the Hand Rejuvenation
treatment using Amalian SF.

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This is what Dr. Baily had to say during the treatment:

“Today we are going to be doing the hand rejuvenation treatment which is going to make her hands look 10-12
years younger. Using the SF24 Dilluted. Alicia is using the pilot hole initially for her insertion point. We will be
following up with the cannula and with one poke she will be able to do the entire hand. Thus preventing bruising,
swelling and bleeding. This will help hide the veins and make them less visible. You can see she is using a smooth
back and forth fanning motion to cover a large area.

Nurse Alicia asked her client Jasmine to share her experience after getting the hand rejuvenation treatment:

“Well I’d just like to say I am very happy with the outcome. I feel a lot happier, fresher, brighter.
I was concerned that it was going to be painful but it was painless. I am generally very pleased
and very happy with the turn-out”

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