How Celebrities Keep Their Skin Looking Flawless

Ever wonder how celebrities keep their skin looking flawless?


Meet the Vampire Facial! You might have seen the Kardashians sporting blood-covered faces from this strange looking
treatment. Even older male celebs like Rupert Everett have gone for the trendy vampire facelift. Everyone is saying
that this scary-sounding treatment can transform your skin but what is it really like? Are Vampire Facials worth it?
Let’s take a bite into this juicy topic!

So what is a vampire facial?


It’s an anti-aging treatment that is also used by athletes for restoration and wound care. During the treatment, your
blood is extracted then treated and reinjected– which is a lot less scary than it sounds! A numbing cream is applied to
your face before a small amount of blood is taken. That blood is safely and naturally treated in a centrifuge that
separates the regenerative elements from the rest of your blood. They are then reinjected into your face with a very
small needle. It then boosts your collagen and new skin tissue growth to fade away wrinkles and scarring. 

Microneedling is the Hot Topic

Vampire facials give you quick results?


Unlike other anti-aging treatments, Vampire Facials give you quick results. Depending on your skin type and goals,
you will be looking at only one to three treatments. Since your body is naturally creating the results, they will become
more visible and actually improve over time. It’s not an obvious overnight change. It’s a gradual glow that comes to
your skin and fades very slowly over a long period of time. When you are ready to freshen up, you come back for
another facial. 


At New You, we’re all about customization. There are no one-size-fits-all procedures. While a Vampire Facelift is a
great option for pretty much anyone, before taking the next step, we will assess your skin to come up with the perfect
treatment plan. The cost of a Vampire Facial will be determined by your unique needs so you don’t pay for more than
you need or walk away with disappointing results. For a smart and easy option, you can spread the cost over time with
our in-house financing.


So, are you ready to get immortal looking skin? Let’s talk

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