How To Prepare For Filler Injections

Simple Steps That You Can Follow
To Prepare For Filler Injections

For some clients, especially those who have never done fillers before, treatment with dermal fillers can
sometimes bring anxiety and confusion. In order to minimize this anxiety and achieve the best results,
we suggest following these simple steps.

How To Prepare For Injections

1. Arrange a consultation

It’s very important to know what you are dealing with once you’re interested in dermal fillers.
If it’s your first time, you shouldn’t hesitate to have a consultation with a professional.

2. Provide your recent medical history

It is highly recommended to provide your assigned nurse with the most recently
updated information of your medical history.

3. Avoid salty foods

Avoiding salty foods a few days before and after the treatment is crucial. As excess sodium causes
the body to retain water, which in turn can worsen the swelling post-treatment.

4. Inform your nurse

If you have a history of receiving cold sore, it is very important to notify your nurse. There is a risk that
the treatment can lead to an outbreak.

5. Avoid alcohol

Try to avoid drinking alcohol, using blood thinning medications and supplements before your treatment. Following these simple steps, your filler experience will go exactly as it should.
To give you amazing, stunning results.

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