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Kiss The Cold Weather Goodbye

The perfect pouty pucker has become an important beauty trend
over the last decade thanks to models and celebrities
displaying their stunning smiles on magazines, in movies
and all over social media.


Unfortunately, not all of us are born with luscious full lips, thankfully there is a way to gently enhance the shape of
your lips. Giving you the perfect pout, sultry smile and proportioned lip line you have always wanted. Dermal fillers
specifically designed for the lips provide fuller, more kissable lips, by enhancing the suppleness, fullness and
natural gloss of your lips. The line of lip enhancement fillers New You uses are long-lasting and offer a natural looking
result that increases the contour and shape of the mouth.

How it works


The NEW YOU Lip fillers utilize the restorative and natural hydrating power of Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring
carbohydrate in the body. The power-packed Hyaluronic Acid filler is a moisture enhancing agent that plumps,
volumizes and contours by binding to and enhancing water molecules. This completely natural formula leaves lips
soft and luscious while also enhancing and contouring them without drying out the skin or surrounding area.

Lip enhancement injections can also be used on women and men who are experiencing a loss of volume, density
and shape to their lips. The specifically designed formula can re-plump lips to their former glory or restore balance
to lips that are slightly uneven.

We also perform wrinkle reduction procedures. As well as facial injections designed to contour and volumize areas
that are experiencing density loss due to aging.

Get the lips you have always wanted.


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