Looking For A Fix To This Common Problem Area?

Looking for a fix to this common problem area?

When it comes to areas like the neck and under the chin people often enquire what the best treatments are to
 improve on these areas. New You Cosmetic Centres has the ideal treatment solutions for you.

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Looking for a fix to this common problem area?

1. Freeze Your Fat Away With Bodisculpt 360

Our exclusive process to freeze away the fat cells in a quick, pain-free experience.
Bodisculpting freezes away fat and tightens the skin for maximized & effective results.

Freeze Your Fat Away With Bodisculpt 360

2. Eliminate Turkey Neck And Drooping Eyes With Skin Tightening

Skin tightening is the number one service for eliminating drooping or sagging skin under the eyes and the neck.


3. Skin Lifting With HIFU

It’s the only dual skin tightening treatment that uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology to penetrate
the deeper layers of tissue.

4. Fat Killing Lipotropic Injections

A specifically designed treatment for treating pesky fat deposits. These fat killing injections
are capable of eliminating fat anywhere in the body. The end result leads to a more shapely
and contoured appearance in the treated area.

Eliminate Turkey Neck With Skin Tightening

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