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Now That’s A Skincare Lineup

Investing in skincare treatments?

Investing in the incredible Juvilis skin care line is the perfect way to see lasting effects on the amazing
facial procedures we offer. This is meant to be the perfect pairing guide to assist you in improving your skincare!

Now That's A Skincare Line-Up

Juvilis & Treatments

For the first time ever, a cosmetic line uses the same
fillers that are injected in aesthetic medicine. Follicular
absorption allows these fillers to penetrate deeper
skin layers. Each Juvilis product uses the most
convenient filler according to its performance.

The Juvilis skin care line is made up of 5 unique
products to 
perfect your skincare routine. 
This consists of Renewal Booster, Day Lotion,
Beauty Serum, Eye Complex And Night Cream

Juvilis And Treatments The Perfect Pairing

Ultimate Radiance
Beauty Serum

Use it to prolong the effects of:

  • Lifting Effect
  • Plumpness Of Skin
  • Instant Radiance
  • Glowing / Perfect Skin

Uiltimate Radiance Beauty Serum

Ultimate Brightening
Eye Complex

Use it to prolong the effects of:

  • Increases micro circulation
  • Smoothens wrinkles
  • Softens expression lines
  • Minimizes under eye bags
  • Brightens Eye Area
  • Eliminates Shadows
  • Glowing / Perfect Skin
Ultimate Brightening Eye Complex

The Eye Complex works
perfectly with eye treatments

 The eye complex cools anti-fatigue, anti-dark circles
and puffiness. It delivers active ingredients deeper
than ever, allowing for a much greater absorption
and efficacy.

It’s a proactive anti-aging formula
smoothens expression lines, draining the eye
area and increasing micro-circulation, for outstanding
youthful skin. Perfect to pair with 
under-eye treatments
like Dysport.
Under Eye Filler Injections

The Ultimate Illuminating Daily Lotion

 This product goes best after any post injection treatment at New You Cosmetic Centres.
It brings many benefits to the table. Known for it’s lifting and firming effect. Ability
to plump the skin while also fighting free radicals and oxidation. It also provides deep moisturization
smoothens wrinkles.
Ultimate Illuminating Day Lotion

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Night Cream

 This product goes super well in pairing with our skin tightening treatments. Famous for it’s ability
to regenerate collagen production & elastin. While also increasing skin density and resilieance.
It provides an amazing firming effect while also minimizing skin damage.
Ultimate Anti-Aging Night Cream

Available as a full set in our Juvilis Absorbable
Filler Skincare Kits

 Watch the video below to learn all about it! Or visit  the official juvilis website to purchase a kit.
These Juvilis kits are essential for the perfect skincare routine.

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