The Ultimate Solution For Getting Rid Of Stubborn Fat

Bodisculpt 360 is a revolutionary body shaping treatment

Freeze your fat away with this revolutionary fat freezing treatment.  Bodisculpt 360 provides the
solution for getting rid of stubborn fat bulges in multiple areas. Which exercising and dieting
alone can’t achieve.

bodisculpt is a revolutionary treatment

The bodisculpting treatment at NEW YOU is able to treat
4 areas at once.

Whereas with other technologies you are only able to treat one area.

Bodisculpting can treat up to 4 areas at once


Your body may have fat cells accumulate in areas that
are proven difficult to treat.

This treatment allows you to simply freeze away pesky & stubborn fat deposits.



The bodisculpt applicators begin targeting the fat cells in a
controlled and localised way.

built in preheating


The built-in preheating the machine provides accelerates the blood circulation and metabolism which

replaces the need for hand massage. This proceeds to a gradual cooling sensation.



The Bodisculpt 360o machine not only cools the targeted area but also targets the surrounding area
around in a 360o rotating  fashion. The fat cells are targeted, frozen and crystallized.




This allows the body to naturally remove the dead fat cells, essentially melting them away effortlessly
and painlessly. Dead fat cells begin to be progressively eliminated.





This leaves you with a slimmer silhouette and increased definition in the treatment area.
After the treatment the machine provides a pulsed vacuum massage to increase comfort with a
softer and gradual suction.

If you’re wondering “What if it doesn’t work for me?”

We get it. We sincerely believe that if you have invested into Bodisculpt at New You and don’t see results,
we need to Treat Until Complete.

Watch This Video To Learn more about our Fat Freezing Treatment.

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