VIDEO: “I’m Excited To Try Laser Hair Removal”

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Our Client is happy to be sharing her experience doing Laser Hair
Removal at NEW YOU

One of our clients shares her thoughts on NEW YOU’s Laser Hair Removal Treatment!

This is what she had to say:

” I’m very excited to be doing Laser Hair Removal now. I used to wax and the time & energy
involved in waxing was just so tedious. Laser is definitely going to save me a lot of time and I am
excited to get it done. In 7 to 8 Sessions… Instead of constantly coming back every week.
I am definitely looking forward to the benefits of laser. I’m used to waxing and it’s like every
4 weeks you need to go in and buy sessions and just maintain that. I’m excited to get it done
in just the 6 sessions and it’s going to save me time.

I actually didn’t know how long it was gonna take and it happened so fast compared to waxing
where you have to prep the area. Laser was way faster and just more efficient compared to
putting all the hot wax out. It was just so quick and she was done.

Compared to shaving it saves a couple more hours a week. It’s mind-blowing! I would definitely
recommend NEW YOU Cosmetic Centre for those who hate spending time shaving and
waxing. So you want something quick and efficient. This is definitely your option”

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