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Time is Ticking for Your Summer Body

TIME IS TICKING FOR YOUR SUMMER BODY Call: 1-844-311-4684 Text: 437-990-6442 Time is Ticking for Your Summer Body With less than two months till the warm rays of summer are shining down us, now is the perfect time to finally get the body of your dreams.  In as few as 4-8 weeks you can shed


Speed Up Post Workout Recovery with These Three Treatments

ESPEED UP POST WORKOUT RECOVERY WITH THESE THREE TREATMENTS Call: 1-844-311-4684 Text: 437-990-6442 Speed Up Post Workout Recovery with These Three Treatments What do you do to aid your body’s recovery process after a strenuous workout or game?For most people ice packs, cold baths, pain relievers and personal massages are the go-to sports recovery treatments;


Three Summer Skin Secrets

THREE SUMMER SKIN SECRETS Call: 1-844-311-4684 Text: 437-990-6442 Three Summer Skin Secrets 1. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) TherapyWhile PRP isn’t specifically new, it has become an in demand procedure over the last years thanks to social media and word of mouth. When global celebrity KimKardashian had PRP therapy on an episode of Keeping Up with


EM BodiSculpt: The Latest and Greatest Body Sculpting Procedure Available

EM BODISCULPT: THE LATEST AND GREATEST BODY SCULPTING PROCEDURE AVAILABLE Call: 1-844-311-4684 Text: 437-990-6442 EM BodiSculpt: The Latest and Greatest Body Sculpting Procedure Available At New You we are committed to offering our clients the absolute best treatments and procedures available in the world. We are incredibly thrilled and extremely excited to introduce EM BodiSculpt


Laser Hair Removal – Why Choose Us

LASER HAIR REMOVAL – WHY CHOOSE US Call: 1-844-311-4684 Text: 437-990-6442 Laser Hair Removal – Why Choose Us Keeping unwanted hair at bay can seem like a fulltime job. Shaving multiple times a week, scheduling waxing and threading appointments and tediously plucking stray hairs is so time-consuming. New You has a solution, Laser Aesthetics. Just


It’s time to meet the New You! New You Spa is a leading medical and aesthetics spa devoted to offering clients high quality, cutting-edge services. From BodySculpting to Laser Hair Removal, New You offers a wide array of services and procedures to help you put your best face forward. With eight convenient locations across the GTA New You has performed more than a million procedures and counting…

New You’s team of qualified physicians, nurses, aestheticians and customer care executives are dedicated to providing the superior quality of care that our clients depend on. Our non-invasive procedures are pain-free and require little to no downtime, with fast, noticeable and long-lasting results.

If you have a treatment in mind, or would like to discuss available options book a free consultation today and be on the road to the New You in no time.

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