A Complete Range Of Dermal Fillers For All Treatment Areas

Amalian is bringing the most complete selection of dermal fillers
for all treatment areas.

The comprehensive Amalian therapy concept that ensures the best treatment results with monophasic,
biphasic, cross-linked and non cross-linked dermal fillers.

A Complete Range Of Dermal Fillers For All Treatment Areas

The Amalian Hyaluronic Acid System!
Novel Hyaluronic Acid Gels

Thanks to the development of the innovative CIS Technology (Core-In-Shell). It is now made possible
to produce hyaluronic acid products with specific characteristics that will make them superior to your
conventional dermal fillers in many aspects.

Regardless of the high viscosity, the unique CIS Technology utilized in Amalian products enables
the gel to distribute quickly and evenly in the skin.

Amalian Hyaluronic Acid fillers are characterized for their:

  • Long Lasting Effects
  • High Bio-Compatibility
  • Even Distribution Of Gel In The Skin
  • Natural Appearance

All amalian hyaluronic acid fillers are highly biocompatible: They are exclusively made of highly purified,
protein-free hyaluronic acid obtained from bio-fermentation that is free from animal components.
For this reason, no allergy test is required prior to a treatment with Amalian.

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