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Our Client is happy to be sharing her experience with
cosmetic injectables at NEW YOU

One of our clients shares her thoughts and experience after trying injectables at one of our NEW YOU
Cosmetic Centres locations. She graciously expresses her gratitude towards one of the staff members of 
New You’s Richmond Hill location. While having nothing but the best things to say about Dysport
and our Dermal Fillers treatment.

This is what she had to say:

“A friend of mine told me about this clinic New You. Where I can come and get some injections to help
take away the wrinkles I don’t want on my forehead. I have to say my experience has been phenomenal.
The service, the clinicians, the nurse, the staff have all been super friendly. Incredibly knowledgeable
and made me feel very safe. I was a bit nervous but they calmed me down and I’m thrilled with the
attention I received. As well as the education and the knowledge that they gave. Hopefully in  a few
days I’ll have my wrinkles diminished and I’ll be even more thrilled. I would absolutely recommend
and refer the clinic to anyone who is looking to do any kind of cosmetic improvements. Or just get
information. They are incredibly knowledgeable and want to help.

Sally from Richmond Hill clinic is phenomenal. She has an incredible way with customers and just
with people. She knows how to take care of you. Engage with you. Sets you up with exactly what you
need. Let’s you know about the products and gets you connected with the right practitioner.
So I had a number of interactions with Sally and she treats you like a VIP. 

You truly get first class service.


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